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Myths of the Northwoods

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Pine to Prairie

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T'ree Year for Bunyan

A New Old Art

Disposable Hero

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack

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Round River Pennant

Trail of the Two-Headed Stag

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Iron from the Ax of Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan of the Great Lakes

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Year of the Two Winters

Legend of the Paul Bunyan Pine

Paul Bunyan Frontispiece

Stencil for Lumberjack Joe

Axe Head Tied to a Rope

Paul Bunyan Pass

PBFA Axmen

Paul's Glove Became What Is Now the Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Demigod to a Nation of Finks

Big in Bemidji

Paul Bunyan in the Land of Hiawatha

Paul Bunyan Fine Art


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